Cookies Advice

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How cookies are used

Cookies are small bits of text that web pages accessed by the user send to the browser, allowing the website to remember information about the user's visit. For example, cookies store language and version of the browser, among other data.

Cookies play a very important role, because without them the use of websites would be much more complicated, and the experience would be frustrating.

The web site uses cookies for various purposes, among which include keeping the session of the user's visit, keep information on the filters applied and improving navigation among different pages.
We also use Google Analytics cookies to count the visits of our users, in order to know where the visit comes, which pages are viewed and the time in our page.

Types of cookies we use

Session Status: We use this cookie to maintain and expand the user’s session among the various pages visited.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a free web analysis tool of Google that mainly allows website owners know how users interact with their website. It also enables cookies in the domain of the site where you are and uses a set of cookies called "__utma" and "__utmz" to collect information anonymously and report website trends without identifying individual users.

Managing cookies in the browser

Some people prefer not to enable cookies. This is the reason that most browsers offer the possibility to manage cookies that are appropriate for the user.

In some browsers you can configure rules to manage cookies per site, which provides more precise control over privacy. This means you can disable cookies for all sites except for those in which you trust.