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Castilla y León Economic Prize for the Best Executive

Castilla y León Economic Prize for the Best Executive

Date: 18/09/2020

On 16th September, our colleague Jorge Lorenzo, Quality, R+D+i and MA, was awarded the Castilla y León Economic Prize for the Best Executive in the Quality category.


During the award ceremony held at the Retuerta L`Domaine Abbey in Sardón de Duero, our colleague addressed a few words to the authorities, sponsors and members of the jury:


"At TecoZam Group we implement high technology solutions in the construction industry and innovation is one of the values that are part of the hard core of our culture.


I would like to thank the Management Committee and the Gómez Rojo brothers for their trust over the years and extend my thanks to all the people who make up the TecoZam family, who are continuously moving around four of the five continents.


In 2016 they trusted me to lead an ambitious project of systematization, process optimization and continuous quality, all with the goal of providing better service to our customers and ultimately contributing to better building solutions for the societies in which we operate. But we also did it by relying on people, on the development of talent and cultural transformation, a job that bears fruit in the medium and long term.


In the organization, we believe that great companies are made up of great people and great teams and TecoZam is a good example".


The event was attended by authorities such as the Regional Minister of Economy and Finance of the Castilla y León Government, Mr. Carlos Fernández Carriedo, representatives of sponsors, members of the jury and representatives of Castilla y León Economic, as well as the other award winners in their categories.


This award demonstrates TecoZam's commitment to its corporate values of Excellence and Innovation, among others, which are reflected throughout the company. For this reason, we would like to thank all of them for winning this award.


From TecoZam we congratulate our colleague and applaud initiatives such as these awards that promote management and business excellence in our region of Castilla y León. We continue to work to achieve, day by day, our line of argument "innovating to unite paths" by improving the quality of life of the societies where we operate.