Company policy Corporate Social Responsibility

Tecozam    "Innovating to link roads"

During all these years of activity the company has grown gradually, responsibly and steadily, and one of our pillars has been corporate social responsibility.

For this reason, such is the company's social commitment that it has been developing actions for years that allow us to demonstrate this commitment to the societies where we operate.

Social Inclusion Actions

The company has been carrying out various initiatives over the years consisting of

- The implementation of service provision contracts with special employment centres for the acquisition of Personal Protection Equipment that they themselves produce, promoting their labour inclusion and the individual development of special employees.

- Sponsorship and patronage work in social projects, such as the programme for the inclusion of children with different disabilities through sporting activities, such as tennis.

- Active collaboration with the Zamora Association with the Sahara in which, on an annual basis, it plans actions for social inclusion in Zamora families of Saharan children during the summer period.


Actions to promote sport and health

The company collaborates in initiatives so that young people can practice different sports (football, indoor football, tennis and paddle tennis, among others). It also carries out sports sponsorship activities for outstanding sports figures in the region of Zamora and Castilla y Leon. The sponsorship with the canoeist World Champion in K-1 200m Carlos Garrote and the paddle player Diego Sebastián Ramos Saldivia, who plays in the World Padel Tour circle, are examples of this.

Actions of compromise with the environment

As sustainability and care for the environment is an important issue for the organisation, the first of the three solar panel plants has been installed on the roof of one of the company's buildings in Zamora with a power of 40 kWp, which will produce average savings over the life of the installation (40 years) of 29% per year on consumption and savings in energy costs of up to 39% per year. This installation means the non-emission of 15.98 Tn of CO2 into the atmosphere or the reduction of coal consumption by 6.41 Tn.

This installation will be joined by two others, leading to the installation of more than 650 solar panels on the roofs of TecoZam's facilities in Zamora, which will provide 30% of the energy consumed for self-consumption, producing a reduction in CO2 of more than 65 tonnes per year thanks to this type of clean energy.

Another important action has been the renovation of the lighting in the workshop building for the manufacture of ironwork by the latest generation of LED technology, which allows savings in energy consumption.


Actions of commitment to Good Governance and Regulatory Compliance

The company is in the process of implementing a Compliance and Tax Management System in accordance with the ISO 19061 standard, which will join the Integrated Quality, R&D&I and Health and Safety at Work Management System implemented years ago and certified by Aenor.

Undoubtedly, this fact exemplifies the commitment with society to carry out our work in an ethical, responsible and socially aware manner.

Actions to promote technological development and knowledge transfer at local and regional level

The company carries out actions that promote the economic, technological and educational development of the region of Zamora and Castilla y Leon. The technological and research collaboration with Universities as prestigious internationally as the University of Salamanca in more than 5 R+D+i projects and in initiatives of knowledge transfer from University to Company (TCUE) bear witness to this.

Actions to promote the circular economy and local and regional economic development

Such is the transversality of the activities developed by TecoZam (operational, support, strategic) that these have a marked social impact that is reflected directly in the city of Zamora and its surroundings.

With a majority of staff (in the central offices, warehouse and ironworks) coming from the region of Castilla y León, the personal and professional development of the workers and their families is guaranteed, allowing them to develop their vital project in their cities of origin.

Actions for Equal Opportunities

We at TecoZam seek to create a better, more connected and open society, which allows for equal opportunities for people and their well-being. Respect for gender diversity and extensive experience working with multicultural teams make equal opportunities in the company one of its hallmarks.

Another focus of attention in the area of talent development in recent years has been to carry out different social actions for the benefit of employees, such as the implementation of flexible working hours and teleworking, which have enabled our employees to improve family reconciliation conditions.