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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Date: 23/12/2020

One of the obligations that companies have is to return a part of themselves to society, and in this case, approved by the #tecozam Group's Management Committee, it has been to donate the money that was destined for the Christmas dinner to a charity organization that carries out social actions for the benefit of society.


It has been a pleasure to represent the Management Committee in the financial award ceremony to Mr. Antonio Jesús Martín de Lera, director of #Caritasdiocesanadezamora, who informed us of the projects they are carrying out.


With that money, some families will probably be able to pay an electricity or water bill before being cut off, a month's rent for their home before being evicted, or perhaps have food for a good Christmas dinner.


Hopefully more companies will be able to do the same in #yomesumoacompartir and I mean share and we can bring joy to those families who need it so much right now.