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Deck of “los Tramposos Viaduct” with Underslung Movable Scaffolding System

Deck of “los Tramposos Viaduct” with Underslung Movable Scaffolding System

In progress
Country: SPAIN
Date: 21/09/2018

Works description:

The approach Viaduct of the “Los Tramposos” Viaduct has a length of 774 m with 38 spans, the first one has a length of 15.5 m and the others 20.5m. each one

Works performed:

TecoZam is working in the bridge desk, the tessing chamber and in the reconstruction of one of the piers, and in addition to this:  

  • Manufacture, supply and installation of steel reinforcement. (1,100,000kg) into the patterns and then placed on the formwork with own lifting equipments.
  • Installation of lightweightings and sheaths for the active steel.  -Work of assembly, movement and formwork, with own personnel and formwork.  
  • Concrete works.

Singular own resources: 

  • Underslung Movable Scaffolding System (MSS) C-35, which advances over supports integrated to the piers of the viaduct, with this system, has been possible 2 spans per phase: 41 m.  
  • Lifting accessories for the steel designed and manufactured by TecoZam.
  • Patterns for installation of reinforcement steel

Performance rates

Thanks to innovations related to reinforcement steel instalation method, lightweightings and sheaths for steel reinforcement, by pre-assembling the entire section in patterns and then placing it on the formwork, it has been achieved a performance rate of a setting per week, or 41 ml of deck a week.

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