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High-speed Railway Station - Antequera, Málaga (Spain)

High-speed Railway Station - Antequera, Málaga (Spain)

Country: Spain
Date: 03/02/2014 – 19/09/2014

Project brief outline:

Concrete civil works execution (Viaducts, railway station, drainages, overpasses, etc)

Main structures carried out:


-Shelter structure for the new high speed railway station in Antequera, outer dimensions: 400 m length times 50 m width, built with 10 m height perimeter walls as well as intermediate plinths with circular pillars, everything cover with an upper concrete slab carried out with a falsework. The walls between railways located at the start and finish of the railway station were executed as well.

Some figures about it are:

Concrete: +50.000 m3

Foundations, pillars and walls formwork: +66.000 m2

Upper slabs formwork: +20.000 m2

Falsework: +160.000 m3


-Railway station drainages:

Drainage frame executed in situ with two different cross sections:

The first one with double frame, dimensions 3.5x1.5 m per each hollow and the second one with just a hollow with dimensions 3x2 m, with manholes located each 50 m, joints to the sewage net (500 m) were carried out in situ as well.

Some figures about it are:

Concrete for foundations, walls and slabs: +13.000 m3

Foundations and walls formwork: +18.000 m2

Slabs formwork: +9.500 m2

Falsework: +20.000 m3


-3 viaducts with lengths of 300 m, 84 m and 19 m, where it is worthy highlight the execution of 2000 m2 of solid section circular piles with their pier heads, carried out with metallic shuttering specially design and manufactured by Tecozam for this project, as well as theirs abutments.


Furthermore 2 overpasses with 100 m length each one were executed

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