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L.A.V. Madrid-Extremadura; Section Cañaveral- Alcantara Reservoir (Cáceres-Spain)

L.A.V. Madrid-Extremadura; Section Cañaveral- Alcantara Reservoir (Cáceres-Spain)

Country: Spain
Date: 01/03/2012 – 04/09/2017

The viaduct belonging to High-speed Madrid-Extremadura railway line, Section: Talayuela-Cáceres, Subsection: Cañaveral-Embalse de Alcantara; has a total length of 1,488 m. The span distribution of the viaduct is influenced by the clear span of the arch, fragmenting the deck on itself in six clear spans of 54 m. The access spans arise 60 m, interspersing it with two transfer spans on either side of the arc starting, 57 m. These result in a smooth and appropriate distribution of the 26 spans that is as follows: 45 m + 9x60 + 57 m + 6x54 m + 57 m + 7x60 m + 45 m.

The structure is thus: 2 lateral spans of 45 m, 16 central spans of 60m, 2 transfer spans of 57m and 6 spans on the arch of 54m. They make a total of 26 spans.

All fouundations, abutments and piers have been executed with own personnel and metallic formwork designed specifically for this project and supplied by Tecozam as well as steel reinforcement manufacture, supply and assembly.
Piers features:
Number of Piers: 26, two of them on arch plinths and 4 on the own arch.
Section: variable hollow
Maximum height of pier: 75 m

Central arch:

The most emblematic element of this viaduct is the arch of 324 m span between supports, rising above its foundations to a height of 70 m (bow arrow) and on the average level of reservoir up to 90 m, Europe's second largest one of its type.

It consists of a rectangular hollow chamfered section in the type of a variable edge caisson, so that its springing consists of a bay of 4 m and 12 m in width and in the keystone the section is reduced up to a bay of 3, 5 m and a width of 6 m. The construction of the arch is by progress in progressive cantilever system with travelling crane. For its execution it is necessary to have a complex system of bracing that supports each of the semi-arches formed by 46 voussoirs to the central closing keystone.

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