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La Gaznata Bridge, Execution of  outer spans, gantry falsework.

La Gaznata Bridge, Execution of outer spans, gantry falsework.

Country: SPAIN
Date: 28/01/2019 – 12/09/2019

Works description:

The new “Gaznata bridge” has a length of 210ml, it is a hyperstatic bridge of mixed type supported by two double piers embedded in the deck dividing this one into three spans. The outer spans, 42 and 50ml, are made of reinforced concrete. In the main span the first 49ml, nearby the piers, are built of reinforced concrete and in the very center of it, has been installed a steel beam of 42ml length and 115T weight.

Works performed:

TecoZam has carried out all the work related to:

Formwork and concreted works in bridge deck. The construction has been carried out using two different construction methods:

  • For the construction of the approach spans have been used gantry falsework of TecoZam
  • For the construction of the main span made of reinforced concrete, two successives form travelers owned by TecoZam were used to execute 14 segments in situ placement of previous slabs, reinforced steel and concrete works of the slab on the steel beam.  

-All the reinforced steel was manufactured and supplied by TecoZam.

Singular own resources:

- Own gantry falsework Successives form travellers owned, adapted by our engineering team for this project. 

- Tecozam was responsible for anchoring the central beam to the concrete sections in the main span.

All the reinforced steel necessary for the construction of the main span was manufactured by Tecozam.

Performance rates

Two segments have been executed a week

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