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La salud de los profesionales de Grupo TecoZam

La salud de los profesionales de Grupo TecoZam

Date: 29/04/2021

For GRUPO TECOZAM, protecting the health of professionals is always of the utmost importance, so protecting the health of our colleagues who are exposed to noise on a daily basis is essential. Starting from this premise, the choice of a good hearing protector is based on clear and objective criteria. For us, the best option is one that offers comfort to the worker, that allows communication without removing the protector, that is hygienic and easy to use. Furthermore, in order to choose the right protector, we didn't want to stop at just buying the product and then handing it over to the worker for use. Therefore, we wanted to carry out the whole process in 4 phases or stages, each of which is equally important to us:

 - Raising awareness among professionals about the risk of being exposed to noise; Keeping workers informed about the risk of exposure to noise is essential for them to become proactive actors of their hearing safety. This is why, in an initial phase, we once again wanted our workers to be made aware of this issue once again, this time by the manufacturer of the chosen hearing protector.

 - To choose the protector that best suits each of your workers; as we have already indicated above, it must offer comfort to the worker and adapt to their work environment and the level of exposure to noise completely, in accordance with the EN458 perception regulations.

 - Make the hearing protector known; when handing over the hearing protector to the worker, the manufacturer should make the product and its use and maintenance known to the worker.

 - To supervise the effectiveness when so desired; the manufacturer will sell us a product with the required effectiveness, but we wanted this effectiveness to be certified with the name and surname of each user and also to be able to test the effectiveness and reduction of each intra-aural hearing protector and to have a guarantee that if the product does not comply, it will be replaced free of charge.

With these clear premises and once we had sounded out the market, we thought that the product offered by CONTRAL LAB was the one that best suited what we were looking for. That is why we proceeded to purchase their product Qeos II Green Hearing Protection: Custom molded protectors by 3D printing, with UNIFORM RESPONSE FILTRATION SYSTEM (Green), SNR from 17 to 28 dB (4 filters) and 6 years warranty. All of them with their EXCELLIUM II PACKAGE and Effi-6 Guarantee (for 6 years the protections are guaranteed: Material: if there is a factory defect> They are replaced free of charge. Comfort: if they are no longer comfortable> They are replaced free of charge. Reduction: if the reduction assessed with CAPA is no longer adequate> They are replaced free of charge).

In addition to the product itself, COTRAL LAB provided on our premises:

- Awareness training during the Sampling session conducted by a Prevention Technician (Antonio Pinilla), with a support that is playful, but at the same time impactful.

- Thanks to the Sapan method, your Prevention Technician proposes the hearing protector that best suits each person, their profession, their habits, their communication needs and their hearing loss... In the event of job rotation, the protector and the acoustic filter must be adjusted.

- During the day, where the hearing protector is given to the worker, your Prevention Technician explains the product to the worker and how to use and maintain it.

- With your CAPA Test, you can test the effectiveness and reduction of each intra-aural hearing protector and thus enjoy effective protection for more than 10 years, since, after the initial 6-year guarantee, this effectiveness is checked and extended if it remains adequate. This not only saves money but also reduces waste.

Although, for all of the above, we believe that technically the choice made to protect the health of our colleagues is the right one, what makes us feel that this is the right solution is the approval of the product by the workers and end users themselves, as they see themselves not only protected, but also with a product that is comfortable in their daily use.