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Northern Line Extension London Underground

Northern Line Extension London Underground

Country: United Kingdom
Date: 04/09/2017 – 08/06/2020

Works description:
- Extension of the Northern Line of London underground network, by 3,2km of new line plus 2 new stations (Battersea & Nine Elms).
- Secondary Lining of Tunnels Type 1: Running Tunnels (constant section) connecting new branches with the loop of the existing line in Kennington Green and Kennington Park.
- Secondary Lining of Tunnels Type 2: Launch Adit Tunnels (for TBM´s chambers), with an important variable section gradient (trumpet sections) in Battersea Station.

Works performed:

- Construction and Cast-In-Situ of the Secondary Lining over the primary lining of SCL (Sprayed Concrete Lining) tunnels.
- Kennington Running Tunnels: 280m of Secondary Lining tunnels with constant section and shafts connections.
- Battersea Launch Adit Tunnels: 154m of Secondary Lining tunnels with a variable sections (trumped).
- Design, manufacture and supply of a bespoke special Tunnel Formwork Carriage by in-house Temporary Works Department.
- Specialised on-site operations, from concrete pumping operations up to the final striking operations of the Travelling Formwork Carriage.

Singular own resources:
- Design, manufacture and supply of bespoke Tunnel Travelling Formwork System solution capable to Cast-In-Situ constant sections as well as variable sections with a clever design and easy manoeuvre to adapt on site.
- FLO (Ferrovial & Laing O´Rourke) and Tecozam simplified the geometry and alignment of the tunnel to optimise and improve the final tunnel design in Battersea Launch Adits.
- Experts and professional labour and supervision to carry out the full casting cycles operations.

Performance rates:

- Outstanding performance for Secondary Lining in the UK, pouring one tunnel bay every 24h (in 12 hours shift).
- Average of 1 pour/day, resulting in the full completion of 12metres every 24 hours for constant sections.
- Average of 1 pour every 2 days for variable sections, including the reconfiguration of the Tunnel Travelling Formwork System for each pour bay completed.
- Cost & Time saving due to early completion of the works.

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