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TecoZam, a Technological group in the Construction Industry.

TecoZam, a Technological group in the Construction Industry.

Date: 22/11/2019

Ms. Inmaculada García Garrandes, Director of the Delegation of Castile and Leon of AENOR, visited our Head Office to deliver the R&D+i Certificate obtained in our last audits. This Certificate bring to light the commitment of the organization and the steering committee, as innovation as one of our main values.

Due to Management system, we have been able to summarise R&D+i processes such as technological security, idea management, project management, protection management and exploitation of results and knowledge management and intangible assets. All this has allowed us to be more efficient in daily management.

At the moment we are immersed in more than five R&D+i projects, leading projects with leading research centers such as the USAL (University of Salamanca) and the CSIC (Superior Council of Scientific Investigations), which allow us to be in the forefront of technology in our core business and in other operational technologies, and be ahead of our competitors.

Thank you very much to the entire organization for the commitment, work and daily enthusiasm, which leads us to achieve every challenge that TecoZam proposes