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TecoZam with sport

TecoZam with sport

Date: 06/05/2019

TecoZam with sport,

From Grupo TecoZam we want to encourage and promote our sponsored athlete, Carlos Garrote, in his effort to get a place for the next JJ.OO. Tokyo 2020. Therefore, the last two trucks that have joined the company's fleet with their photo and the slogan "Road to Tokyo 2020" have been screen printed.

Taking advantage of the renewal of the sponsorship agreement for this 2019, we have given him a surprise by showing him the trucks that will travel through Spain with his image.

As one of the values of TecoZam, the effort, thanks to him, you will be able to continue reaping successes that will lead you to obtain a place for the next Olympic Games!

Good luck Carlos in this year and in the tests that you have left to prop up the Tokyo 2020 objective!