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The Thames Tideway Tunnel Project

The Thames Tideway Tunnel Project

In progress
Date: 01/10/2020

Description of the project:

The Thames Tideway Tunnel Project, also called the "Super Sewer", is a sewage project in the City of London. Central Section is the longest and most complicated section of the entire project, where TECOZAM UK has executed almost 13km of full section Secondary Lining Tunnel with the entire route under the Thames, passing such unique buildings as Battersea Power Station, MI6, House of Parliament, London Eye, Tate Modern, Tower of London and Tower Bridge.

Work undertaken:

TecoZam UK has provided 4 massive structures of versatile full section tunnel lining formwork system, 7.3m diameter, executing insitu Secondary Lining over TBM precast rings with its own workforce and formwork system equipment.

With a single tunnel access point through the Kirtling Street shaft, with tunnel lengths at each portal of 4.8km and 7.9km.

In addition, 2 units of highly adaptable rebar, grouting and finishing gantries have been provided.

Own unique resources:

4 prototypes of full section tunnel lining formwork system considered a real state-of-the-art, with automatic pressure distribution system, adapting and distributing loads transmitted to the TBM rings, taking into account the geotechnical characteristics of the ground conditions under the River Thames (clays, sands, gypsum and faulted areas).

Patented system and means of transportation and movement on bogies and with a thoroughly well thought out PLC system that provides equity in the distribution of pressures avoiding overpressure in TBM segments and cracking in the previous pour bays, concreted just 12 hours before.


Production record in the industry with complete concreting cycle of less than 24 hours in a fullround section tunnel, with a bespoke and innovative tunnel formwork system and with the restrictions provided by our client and the property.

A clear example where innovation, experience and the solution provided, have managed to execute with overwhelming success the central section of the Tideway Tunnel project under the Thames, with a safe system for the working teams and with an outstanding quality of finish.


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