News: 2021 Vulcano Award

The Gomez Rojo brothers, partners of Grupo TecoZam, were honored to receive the prestigious Vulcano 2021 award. They expressed their gratitude to the Zamora Chamber of Commerce and the esteemed jury for recognizing their contributions. However, their deepest appreciation goes to their colleagues at TecoZam, who they believe are the true recipients of this accolade.


The Gomez Rojo brothers acknowledge the dedication and commitment of their colleagues, who embody the values that drive TecoZam's success: commitment, excellence, respect, efficiency, safety, and innovation. It is the collective effort of the entire team that brings these values to life and represents TecoZam and Zamora with pride in every project they undertake.


Receiving the Vulcano 2021 award serves as a powerful motivator for the Gomez Rojo brothers and the entire TecoZam team. It fills them with enthusiasm and a renewed sense of purpose as they look toward the future, knowing that their work is recognized and valued.


2021 Vulcano Award