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Forth Bridge Project, United Kingdom
LandForth Bridge Project, United Kingdom

Forth Replacement Bridge 14 km from the city of Edinburgh.

Corgo Viaduct in Portugal
LandCorgo Viaduct in Portugal

Located on the A4 IP4 motorway that connects the city of Porto, Portugal, with the Spanish border.

La Gaznata Bridge on the N-403 National Road
LandLa Gaznata Bridge on the N-403 National Road

New bridge in Barraco (Avila) for the N-403 road between Avila and Toledo.

Tamega Electrical Power Production System
HydraulicTamega Electrical Power Production System

Hydroelectric system formed by three dams and three hydroelectric power stations.

Mersey Gateway project in Manchester
LandMersey Gateway project in Manchester

Approach viaduct piers in Manchester, UK.

Riofrio Viaduct - Loja Bypass
RailRiofrio Viaduct - Loja Bypass

Structure intended to serve the new Antequera-Granada high speed rail line.

Panama Canal Expansion Project
HydraulicPanama Canal Expansion Project

Complete execution of one of the three chambers that make up the Pacific Lock, including the gate area.

Thames Tideway Tunnel
HydraulicThames Tideway Tunnel

Hydraulic project in the City of London, 2020.

Expansion of the Northern Underground line (London)
RailExpansion of the Northern Underground line (London)

3.2km extension of the line and two stations built between 2017 and 2020