L.A.V. Madrid-Extremadura; Section Cañaveral- Alcantara Reservoir (Cáceres-Spain)

The structure is thus: 2 lateral spans of 45 m, 16 central spans of 60m, 2 transfer spans of 57m and 6 spans on the arch of 54m. They make a total of 26 spans.

The most emblematic element of this viaduct is the arch of 324 m span between supports, rising above its foundations to a height of 70 m (bow arrow) and on the average level of reservoir up to 90 m, Europe's second largest one of its type.

It consists of a rectangular hollow chamfered section in the type of a variable edge caisson, so that its springing consists of a bay of 4 m and 12 m in width and in the keystone the section is reduced up to a bay of 3, 5 m and a width of 6 m. The construction of the arch is by progress in progressive cantilever system with travelling crane. For its execution it is necessary to have a complex system of bracing that supports each of the semi-arches formed by 46 voussoirs to the central closing keystone.


Dates01/03/2012 - 04/09/2017
Project TypeRail