La Gaznata Bridge on the N-403 National Road

Description of the Work:

The new Gaznata bridge is 210 m long and is located on the N-403 road.

It is a mixed hyperstatic bridge supported by two double piers embedded in the deck, dividing it into three spans. The outer spans, 42 and 50ml respectively, are made of reinforced concrete. In the central span, the first 49ml, next to the piers, are made of reinforced concrete and, in its center, a 42ml-long metal beam weighing 115T has been installed.

Work Carried Out:

TecoZam has carried out all the following work:  

- Formwork and concreting of the bridge deck. The construction has been carried out using two different construction methods:   

  • TecoZam centering falsework was used for the construction of the end spans.
  • For the construction of the reinforced concrete sections of the central section, two successive cantilever carriages owned by TecoZam were used to execute 14 segments on site.

- Placement of pre-slabs, reinforcement and concreting of the slab section on the metal beam.

- All the assembly was prepared and supplied by TecoZam.

Singular Own Resources

- Own centering falsework  

- Successive cantilever carriages, adapted by our engineering for this project. 


Dates28/01/2019 – 12/09/2019
Project TypeLand
Bloque 2
Puente de La GaznataPuente de La Gaznata