Tecozam has built both the substructure and the deck.

The 6 foundations and 6 abutments have been executed with modular formwork, the 6 piers have been executed using climbing formwork designed by Tecozam and the 6 Segments 0 have been executed with self-supporting formwork designed by Tecozam, adjusting to the needs of the project.

For the execution of the deck, on the one hand, cantilever travellers designed by Tecozam have been used to execute 5 segments of 6.4 m on each side of the piers. On the other hand, the last 17 meters in the abutment areas have been executed using falsework system for in situ decks.

Once the decks have been executed, they will be stitched together, for this, two ``Stitches'' traveller designed by Tecozam will be used.

Finally, the wings of the decks will be executed using a wing traveller designed by Tecozam.


CountryReino Unido
Project TypeRail