News: TecoZam participates in the Next Generation EU Fund business talks.

This morning, I had the privilege of participating in a significant business discussion on the Next Generation EU Fund. The event was chaired by prominent figures, including the President of the CyL Board and the Employment Counselor, alongside other authority figures and influential businesspeople from the region.

During the session, we had the opportunity to express our perspective on the optimal approach for managing the funds that will be received from Europe. We emphasized the importance of distributing these funds in a manner that supports projects aligned with the areas identified by Europe.

To provide a concise summary of the event, the key topics discussed were as follows:

The necessity for political and institutional stability.

The establishment of a streamlined and simplified process, such as a one-stop shop, for submitting fund requests.

The utilization of the funds to transform and enhance the competitiveness of companies based in CyL.

The role of the funds in aiding the recovery and growth of companies through large-scale projects that unite various initiatives.

The transformative nature of the funds, contributing to the future development of Europe amidst the rise of other continents.

The significance of territorial cohesion in CyL, particularly in addressing demographic challenges.


TecoZam participates in the Next Generation EU Fund business talks.