News: TecoZam Training

Yesterday, we had the privilege of hosting distinguished guests at our headquarters in Zamora, including Ana Carlota Amigo, the Minister of Employment and Industry, David Martin, the Vice Minister, Jose Antonio Bartolome, the Manager of ECyL, Efren Fernandez, the Provincial Manager of ECyL, and Maria Luisa Villar, the Head of the Territorial Labor Office.

Prior to showcasing our facilities, we held a meeting where we had the opportunity to present our innovative training project called "#TecoZamSchool". This project aims to address the issue of low professional qualifications among construction workers. Through this initiative, we strive to provide high-quality and innovative training that aligns with our values, efficiency, and culture of research, development, and innovation (R&D&I). By doing so, we aim to contribute to the workforce development in Zamora and the wider Castilla y Leon region, fostering local talent and promoting regional sustainability.

At Grupo TecoZam, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our society and environment, working tirelessly day and night.



TecoZam TrainingTecoZam Training