News: The health of Grupo TecoZam professionals

The health and well-being of our professionals at Grupo TecoZam are of paramount importance to us. This includes ensuring the protection of colleagues who are exposed to noise in their daily activities. When selecting hearing protection equipment, we adhere to clear and objective criteria.

For us, the best option is one that prioritizes the comfort of the worker while providing effective protection. It should also enable communication without the need to remove the equipment, promote hygiene, and be user-friendly.

In our approach to selecting the appropriate hearing protection equipment, we go beyond simply purchasing and distributing the product. We have designed a comprehensive process consisting of four equally important phases or stages:

  • Raising awareness among professionals about the risk of noise exposure: Keeping our workers well-informed about the risks of noise exposure is crucial for their hearing safety. To achieve this, we prioritize awareness during the initial phase by collaborating with the manufacturer of the selected hearing protection equipment.
  • Choosing the protection equipment that best suits each of our workers: As mentioned before, the chosen hearing protection equipment must provide comfort to the worker and effectively adapt to their work environment and the level of noise exposure, following the EN458 standard.
  • Introducing the hearing protection equipment: Upon delivering the hearing protection equipment to the worker, the manufacturer will personally provide an introduction to the product, explaining its proper usage and maintenance.
  • Monitoring effectiveness when desired: To ensure the effectiveness of the hearing protection equipment, we encourage each user to test the noise-reduction efficiency of the intra-aural pieces. If the product does not meet the expected performance, the manufacturer will replace it free of charge.

With these clear prerequisites, and once we had surveyed the market, we concluded that the product offered by CONTRAL LAB was what we were looking for. We then proceeded to purchase their Qeos II Green Hearing Protection Equipment: Custom molded, 3d printed hearing protection equipment, with UNIFORM RESPONSE FILTRATION System (Green), SNR from 17 to 28 dB (4 filters) and 6 years warranty. All of them include an EXCELLIUM II PACKAGE and a 6-year Effi-6 warranty - Materials: if there is a factory defect > They are replaced free of charge. Comfort: if they are no longer comfortable > They are replaced free of charge. Reduction: if the CAPA-evaluated noise reduction is no longer adequate > They are replaced free of charge.

In addition to the product itself, COTRAL LAB conducted the following activities in our facilities:

  • During the Sampling session, our Prevention Technician, Antonio Pinilla, conducts awareness training using interactive and captivating techniques.
  • Using the Sapan method, our Prevention Technician carefully assesses each individual's needs, taking into account factors such as their profession, habits, communication requirements, and any existing hearing loss. Based on this evaluation, the technician recommends the most suitable hearing protection equipment for each person. In cases where job roles change or rotate, adjustments are made to both the protection equipment and the acoustic filter to ensure continued effectiveness.
  • During the equipment handover, our Prevention Technician personally introduces the hearing protection product to the worker. They provide detailed instructions on how to correctly use and maintain the equipment.
  • Through the CAPA Test, we can evaluate the efficiency and noise reduction capabilities of each intra-aural hearing protection. This allows us to ensure that the protection remains effective for a period exceeding 10 years. After the initial 6-year warranty, we verify the continued validity of the product, and if it remains effective, the warranty is extended. This approach not only ensures long-lasting protection but also contributes to substantial cost savings and reduction of waste.

While we believe that we have made the correct choice in prioritizing our colleagues' health by selecting this hearing protection solution, what truly validates our decision is the positive feedback we receive from the workers and end users themselves. Knowing that they not only feel adequately protected but also find the product comfortable in their daily lives.


The health of Grupo TecoZam professionals